How to Eliminate Slippery Soles

Published: 23rd November 2009
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Slippery soles are not only obnoxious; they pose a serious threat to your health. There is no need for you to be unsteady on your feet because your shoes can't seem to "get a grip" on the floor! Check out the suggested solutions below:

Method #1: Sandpaper
Sandpaper is very successful when it comes to giving new shoes some traction. Simply cut out a square of heavy-duty sandpaper and gently buff the bottoms of your shoes. There is no need to go overboard! You don't want to permanently
damage or disfigure your shoes, just give them a slightly rougher surface. Be careful not to snag the fabric of the shoes' uppers when you're buffing the edges of the sole. If you don't have sandpaper handy, you can apply the same principle by wearing your shoes on concrete or asphalt and buffing their bottoms against the rocky surfaces.

Method #2: Hairspray
Hairspray is a less permanent solution, but it might just provide the quick-fix you need if you're on the go. Not all brands of hairsprays will give you the "stickiness" you desire. In this case, the cheaper heavy-duty hairsprays may serve you better than fruity lightweight concoctions. A less-ideal version of the same principle is to rub the soles of your shoes with Coca Cola. Allow the shoes to dry completely before you wear them.

Method #3: Make Your Own Tread Marks
As horrifying as it sounds, some people recommend taking a knife or pair of scissors and carving a couple of large X's into the soles of your shoes. This extra texture gives you the traction you need. If you are overprotective of your favorite pumps, you may want to reserve this method for cheap shoes only.

Method #4: Shoe Guards and Slip-Resistant Pads
There are several products on the market that are designed to eliminate slippery soles. Rubber shoe guards are often used to protect soles and prevent them from wearing down too quickly, but they are also slip-resistant and can be used as traction-increasing devices. Apara "Grippy Steps" are little adhesive patches that you can stick on the bottom of your shoe. These "grippy steps" are supposed to prevent you from slipping. For 8 dollars you can get a package of 4 adhesive patches.

Whether you decide to go high-tech or to solve the problem with whatever supplies you can find in the house, slippery heels are easily corrected.

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