Midsole and Outsole Technology at Saucony

Published: 19th October 2009
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Saucony is an athletic shoe company that originated in Kutztown, Pennsylvania in the United States. The Saucony Company specializes in running shoes, and its technology is at the forefront of the running shoe industry. It has been lauded by Runner's World, among others, for its innovation.

Midsole Technology from Saucony:

Saucony's "ProGrid Cushioning" system is designed to cushion the foot and provide the runner with stability, or motion control. ProGrid cushioning is made with a material called Respontek. This high-tech material is made from a combination of rubber and polymer; it is lauded as an incredibly comfortable and supportive cushioning device - a rubber that feels more like velvet than rubber! Saucony's "ProGrid Cushioning" system is designed to support each area of the foot: the forefoot, the midfoot and the heel. The "ProGrid" system cushions the forefoot.

It also provides a flexible forefoot environment, which allows for the foot to roll smoothly through the toes and provides the runner with a satisfying final toe push-off. The cushioning in the midfoot area is flexible, so that the transition between heel and toe happens smoothly and naturally. Finally, the "ProGrid Cushioning" system has excellent shock absorption properties in the heel, enabling the high-tech material to absorb and disperse pressure each time the heel strikes the ground.

Outsole Technology from Saucony:

The material and design of the shoe's outsole usually does not receive the same attention as the material of the shoe's midsole, but it is still an important area of the shoe to inspect before deciding to make a purchase. Saucony offers four major types of outsole technology for customers to choose from.

XT-600 A carbon rubber outsole, XT-600 is the perfect choice if you are looking for Saucony outsoles with standard (but excellent!) traction and abrasion resistant properties. The XT-600 is less durable than the XT-900 outsole.

XT-900 A carbon rubber outsole, XT-900 is more durable than

XT-600 but promises the same high quality traction properties.

XT-1200 A carbon rubber outsole, Saucony dubs the XT-1200 as having "Super Abrasion" resistant properties. This is the ultimate outsole if you are looking for a durable outsole that will last many months of high-intensity running.

XT-Lite The XT-Lite is an outsole made out of a combination of blown rubber and carbon rubber. The result of this combination is an outsole that is more lightweight and flexible than the XT-600, XT-900 and XT-1200. The XT-Lite is an excellent choice for people who are looking for an outsole that provides extra cushioning.

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