Shoe Goo Makes Your Shoes Brand New

Published: 14th November 2009
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Shoe Goo is an industrial strength rubber cement that may be exactly what you are looking for when it comes to repairing your old shoes. Invented in 1972, Shoe Goo was originally designed to combat a problem known as "tennis toe". The clear gummy glue was applied to the toes of tennis shoes that had been worn down by dragging the shoes across the tennis court. Once Shoe Goo dried, the shoes were said to be as good as new.

Shoe Goo has expanded far beyond the realms of tennis and is now the go-to substance when it comes to do-it-yourself shoe repairs. The adhesive is used to reattach soles and fill holes in heels, to name only a couple of its common uses. It costs only seven dollars, and it is waterproof.

To use Shoe Goo to repair a hole in a shoe start by using a piece of duct tape to cover the hole from the inside. (I.e., if you have a hole in the sole of your shoe, remove the insole and cover the hole with tape. This tape will prevent the Shoe Goo from forming a bump on the inside of your shoe as the glue dries.) Once you have applied tape to the inside of the shoe, apply Shoe Goo to the outside. Allow the glue to dry. Be sure to take the tape off in under two hours or it may become a permanent feature of the shoe!

To use Shoe Goo to repair a rip in your shoe, apply Shoe Goo to both sides of the tear. Wait a few moments while the glue gets tacky, and then firmly press the two ends together. Hold the ends in place. Allow the glue to dry for about 10 minutes before applying another layer of Shoe Goo if necessary.

To use Shoe Goo to repair a worn-down section of the shoe (like the "tennis toe"), coat the shoe in a thin layer of the adhesive. Allow this layer to dry thoroughly before applying successive layers. The technique is similar to painting a house or painting your fingernails: many thin layers will provide a smoother, more durable protective coating than applying one thick gummy layer.

No matter what repair you perform with your Shoe Goo, allow the glue to dry for at least a full 24 hours before wearing the shoes again. Wearing the shoes prematurely will put too much stress on the repair.

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